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Mariana Kobayashi

Mariana Kobayashi

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I deconstruct the job search game and teach people everything they need to know to land amazing jobs and navigate the corporate world as a young professional.

Mariana Kobayashi

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I started working when I was 10, created my first business at 14 and I have worked with F500s such as LinkedIn, Accenture and BCG.I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and journey in various events such as TEDx and 15 Seconds Festival, and in the books I have published.I create weekly content for 80K+ people across platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok), where I share insights and takeaways of my non-linear career journey.I am available to speak on a variety of topics, including career and personal development, networking, and personal branding.

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Recruiters spend ~6 seconds on your resume. Stand out and pass the ATS easily.

Best Practices

Having an optimized profile will allow you to properly network and be found by recruiters.

Tips and Tricks

I will help you predict what you will be asked and you will ace your next interview.


The best way to be noticed by recruiters is by creating content and let them find you.

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Master Guide

Learn how to build the perfect
LinkedIn profile and land amazing jobs.

Mariana Kobayashi

Become a
LinkedIn Superstar

Learn how to automate content creation, build a personal brand and stand out to recruiters.

Mariana Kobayashi

☕️ Coffee Talk Podcast

🚀 Some of my favorite projects

Kobayashi Running Challenge

Tried breaking the Guinness World Record of largest online run/ jog in the world.

Mariana Kobayashi

Eating Disorders, Love and Existential Crisis

Book about my personal journey with mental health and figuring things out.

Mariana Kobayashi

Productivity Might
Be Killing You

Book on mental health and hustle culture. Recipe to living a more balanced life.

Mariana Kobayashi

Gen Z Whys

Authentic answers to the most important and intriguing Gen Z questions.

Mariana Kobayashi

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